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At Triple Draws Nigeria we strive to make our customers satisfied with the product they’ve purchased from us. If you're having trouble with premium Triple Draws Nigeria or believe it is defective, and/or you’re feeling frustrated, then please submit a message to report your defective product and our team will assist you as soon as possible. For betting tips (matches), we will request from you a link and/or a screenshot of the issue to be sent to our support service.

No returns/refunds will be offered for any 3 over anything and are applicable only to draws  except if the Games you’ve purchased is:

  • Completely Failure.
  • 2/3 or 2/5
  • And you’ve posted a support post on the forum but you didn't get any response in 48h (business days only).
  • And/or product main description was fully misleading.

- then you do have the option to request a refund.

We also reserve the right to refuse a refund in following situations

  • You have changed your mind about a game/subscription.
  • If request for refund was made from a wrong page or link which violet our terms treated as spam/fraud  
  • You bought an item by mistake and the Game(s) was sent/already bet by you.
  • Numbers of draws on coupon determines the status of refund 
  • 1 - 6 draws on the coupon attract 50% of the normal subscriptions fees for the subscribers of that particular week
  • No Refund for incomplete payment of any  package be it draws or straight winning matches
  • The product(s) was bought by your employee or inmate from your debit card account which he/she had legal access.
  • You refused to provide to our support staff access to your username to investigate our games you are having an issue with.
  • Your subscription has expired more than a 7 days after purchase and you even didn't add at least one post on Report an Issue forum with a real issue.
  • We don’t offer any refund for any item that you buy/bought at a discounted price. The items you buy at a special price (e.g. promotions/discounts) will not be eligible for refunds.
  • No refund will be offered for any item (even if it was bought at a regular price) while any discount offer is running on our site. Your refund request will be evaluated after the discount offer/campaign ends.


Triple Draws Nigeria offers a full or partial refund within 7 business days starting from the moment when the member makes the payment. In this case, Triple Draws Nigeria has the right to ask questions for the refund and also we have the right to NOT offer the refund if we see reasonable.

Please also note that:
  • You may cancel your account at any time, however, there are no refunds for cancellation.
  • If you will get a refund (from Bank account) you must add a transfer fee of N500 before you can request a refund.
  • If the games after the compensation still lead to failure, we may offset the amount of your refund by the diminished value of the product.
  • Refunds can take up to 7 days to reflect in your account.

The above notice, also, applies to the license all of our Sign Up plans. Please contact us if you need further information.


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